The Virtual World Society is excited to have a presence at a number of upcoming conferences. We will be there to start a dialogue with people who are making a difference using Virtual Worlds, and to present the first ever Nextant Award at the Augmented World Expo in June.






Christopher Stapleton, VWS Ambassador, will be attending the East Coast Developer’s Game Conference in Raleigh as a featured speaker. He will be presenting on using virtual worlds & entertainment to do good in the world and contributing to the Summit workshops.

When: April 19th – 21st, Where:Raleigh, North Carolina; Learn More:








 Christopher Stapleton will be presenting and moderating on behalf of the VWS, and interviewing Dr. Sonya Kim as a prime example of someone who is using virtual reality to solve a real world global challenge.

When: May 2 -4, Where: Mountain View, California; Learn More:











We will be presenting the first VWS Nextant award at the 2016 Augmented World Expo. The Virtual World Society’s Nextant Prize honors inspirational explorers of Virtual Worlds that seek to transform lives and build a better world. You will also be able visit us on the show floor, where we will be hosting conversations about the ability for virtual worlds to solve global challenges, and conducting micro-interviews to share with the virtual worlds community.

When: June 1 – 2, Where: Santa Clara, California; Learn More:


About Dana Mott

Dana Mott is the Senior Editor for the Virtual World Society. She is an interactive storyteller using virtual worlds to increase audience engagement and participant agency for entertainment, informal education, and therapy applications.
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