The Virtual World Society is very pleased to spread the word about Virtual Reality Toronto’s (VRTO) upcoming VIRTUAL & AUGMENTED REALITY TORONTO WORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO 2016 which runs from June 26th – 27th in Toronto, Canada.

This event is a unique, international exhibition and professional conference exploring arts, culture and science through immersive technologies It has an exceptionally broad and deep range of distinguished speakers, subjects, professional participants and leading VR and AR Industry players and exhibitors.

The overarching goal of this Conference is to challenge industry professionals and the public to think differently about these new technologies, and encourage them to actively and personally learn about and explore the intersection of Virtual and Augmented Reality with arts, culture, and above all, our everyday lives.

The VRTO has a wonderful collection of distinguished speakers and presenters, who will be providing insight into the production, distribution, and ethical considerations of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality technologies. It will also offer an exhibition hall with interactive displays from Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and room scale HTC Vive and exhibitors that include Mettle, DEEP, Cream 360, CFC, Dashwood 360VR, Game Pill, Globacore and more.

VRTO’s mission is to “… Empower people to share their world, culture, knowledge and dreams with the assistance of emergent immersive technologies.”

This is a fantastic – and deeply shared. – common goal of The Virtual World Society, and we eagerly await – and invite everyone – to see this in action at VRTO’s great Annual event in Toronto, June 26-27, 2016


Event Details:

Date : Saturday, June 26 – Monday, June 27 

Special Industry and Press Preview + Super Pass Holders reception Saturday June 25th 7-10pm featuring a veryFinal-Logo-VRTOspecial performance by Splashtones (hydraulaphone + Steve Mann’s SWIM technology)

Where : The Mattamy Athletic Centre – 50 Carlton St.T Toronto, Ontario (fomerly known as Maple Leaf Gardens)

About VRTO
Founded in 2015, VRTO (Virtual Reality Toronto) is an organization whose mission is to explore, develop and promote the intersection of arts, culture, society, research and science through immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and wearable technology. Founders of VRTO host the widely known FIVARS (Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories), an annual festival designed to push the boundaries and definitions of interactive and immersive media. Though VRTO successfully ran VAR in 2015, Ontario’s largest VR technologies showcase, FIVARS and several sold out events, 2016 is the inaugural year for the VRTO World Conference & Expo.

Conference Website:

Twitter and Instagram: VRToronto


About Dana Mott

Dana Mott is the Senior Editor for the Virtual World Society. She is an interactive storyteller using virtual worlds to increase audience engagement and participant agency for entertainment, informal education, and therapy applications.
Upcoming Events: VRTO Conference, Toronto
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