Tom Furness, Founder of VWS, shared his “infectious optimism” for the future of VR to the Australian Broadcasting Company network. His in-depth interview covered the power of the medium and the potentially revolutionary ability to touch and transform lives for the better.

The full interview is available to watch here, on ABC’s website.

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Christopher Stapleton is the Executive Director of the Virtual World Society, an organization bringing together pioneers and youth to “link hearts and minds to build a better world.” As a Social Entrepreneur, he founded Simiosys Real World Laboratories to explore how Virtual Worlds can advance human performance in education, training, entertainment, health and wellness applications. His role as an Experience Architect, has helped Entertainment companies such as Universal Studios, Disney, Nickelodeon and Wanda build mega-theme parks worldwide. His role as an Innovation Broker, has helped global companies such as Canon Inc, Siemens and IBM leverage research advancements in Digital Media and simulation technologies. He is currently working with Chinese and American Entrepreneurs developing educational projects with Virtual Reality. His pioneering research and development as a Creative Producer has lead efforts creating a pipeline of constant innovation within Real World Laboratories advancing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.
Interview: Tom Furness Shares His Vision for VR on Lateline
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