Welcome to the Virtual World Society (VWS). As the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Virtual World Society, I want everybody joining our community to believe that their dream is possible. The VWS was formed to grow as a community that helps each other achieve our dreams for a better world. The world is pretty awesome as it is, but there are always challenges that cannot be solved, unless people come together to make a difference.


There is no greater joy than bringing people together to help one another. This is not a charity organization. We help ourselves by helping others. The role of the VWS will be to connect the many people and communities that want to make a tangible difference. We want to help by channeling this newly spawned public awareness on VR to bring innovation to those who need it most.


You may have heard of a lot of hype about “Virtual Reality” (VR), the technology that has reached a magical milestone in its path to innovation. This technology is capturing the imagination of millions in almost every country that can afford it. However, VR, the technology, is only the door opening onto future possibilities. We are now seeing the magic in both the tool itself, and in the application of helping others. Many people who are just catching up with the 50 year journey of VR will be excited to by all the places it has been and the things it can accomplish. The VWS would like to be a kind of National Geographic of Virtual Worlds, documenting, supporting and connecting the explorers and pioneers that are now mapping and curating Virtual Worlds.


There is also a powerful new force in those just now discovering the potential of Virtual Worlds. With fresh new perspectives, Virtual Worlds will expand beyond our current limited view of its potential. This is why we are coming together as a society at all levels of experience and diverse talents. Innovation takes everybody’s contribution to reach its full potential. In return, it will help us all reach our own potential.


We will be launching several new programs, so stay tuned to this site to find out how you can be involved. First, become a founding member and be on the ground floor of something amazing. If you have time or talent, please volunteer.

About ChriStory

Christopher Stapleton is the Executive Director of the Virtual World Society, an organization bringing together pioneers and youth to “link hearts and minds to build a better world.” As a Social Entrepreneur, he founded Simiosys Real World Laboratories to explore how Virtual Worlds can advance human performance in education, training, entertainment, health and wellness applications. His role as an Experience Architect, has helped Entertainment companies such as Universal Studios, Disney, Nickelodeon and Wanda build mega-theme parks worldwide. His role as an Innovation Broker, has helped global companies such as Canon Inc, Siemens and IBM leverage research advancements in Digital Media and simulation technologies. He is currently working with Chinese and American Entrepreneurs developing educational projects with Virtual Reality. His pioneering research and development as a Creative Producer has lead efforts creating a pipeline of constant innovation within Real World Laboratories advancing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.
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