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What Good Does Virtual Reality Do?

The invention of Virtual Reality (VR) is finally taking off and is capturing the imagination of the public and the media. People only now are becoming aware of its history or even existence and are surprised to realize key facts:

  • It has been in development for over 70 years with a variety of methods beyond goggles.
  • Billions of dollars have been invested in just the past few years.
  • There are millions of current users and the size is growing rapidly.
  • VR is a convergence of vast types of enabling technology
  • Content libraries are growing as fast as the amount of users
  • It is estimated that markets will exceed over $100 billion dollars by the year 2020

Yet with its extensive past and rapid growth, a majority of people have never experienced VR and even less realize how its application in Virtual Worlds can transform lives in education, training, medical procedures, health rehabilitation, as well as the arts, culture, and entertainment.

Discover with the Virtual World Society not just what VR can do, but the good it can do in seeking solutions to so many problems in the real world.