The Virtual World Society (VWS) wants to make Innovation everybody’s job. No matter who you are, there is a role for you in advancing the application of VR and applying it to making a better world. Here are many roles within the VWS that can leverage your participation.



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Advisor / Mentor

At the heart of the Virtual World Society are the conversations and relationships between our members. We want to provide opportunities for seasoned veterans and Virtual Worlds pioneers to connect with the next generation, to share their experiences in order to help build better and more meaningful experiences in the world. Additionally, we are looking for advisors to work with us as we define and establish the Virtual World Society itself, to help make sure that our activities benefit the most people, and in the right way.


The critical activities of the Virtual World Society involves linking minds and connecting opportunities at the regional level. The VWS Ambassadors work together to represent collaborations and exchanges between diverse geographic areas, professional expertise, disciplinary research, enabling products and resources. This leads to access to enabling learning, working and service positions.


Central to both leadership and credibility is our network of global pioneers leading the advancement of virtual worlds and their applications. These pioneers will be selected based upon their accomplishments and their passion to advance the ideals of the Virtual World Society. They provide the input and guidance of the core VWS tools to inspire and inform the Society as a whole.



  • Chapter Leader

    Start a VWS local chapter. At the center of each regions are workgroups to link people and ideas from existing organizations, universities and business. Together, they are the “boots on the ground” to support the building of virtual worlds for global challenges. They create incentives and events that encourage working across social silos to achieve a larger purpose.


  • Community Leaders

    The terminal goal of VWS is to enable the next generation to find a path to make a difference in communities around the world. This starts at home where the emerging VR products are transforming entertainment centers into learning centers. Parents become teachers; living rooms become portals into the virtual world as well as laboratories for creativity. These activities bridge both community learning centers that enable youth to fulfill their potential.