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Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

How might we teach students how to create their own virtual worlds?


With the support of HTC Vive and Intel, VWS has teamed with the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School in Seattle in an exciting new project. Members of VWS are helping 28 sixth grade students build virtual worlds that teach STEM subjects related to gravity, light, scale and momentum. 15 University of Washington engineering students are working as mentors, advisers, and role models to the middle schoolers.


The idea is for the middle school students to build the educational content for other students that can be scaled into a nationwide repository of virtual worlds for education. Stay tuned for more information on this project in future newsletters!

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VWS Sponsored Projects

13 Voices

Poverty, obesity, disease, and addiction have a stronghold on the community living in Appalachia. 13 Voices is a movement to discover the hidden talents in Appalachian youth by equipping teenagers, primarily women, with technology like VR to give them a platform for creative expression and reverse the trend of early drug addiction.

Voices of VR

VWS is a proud sponsor of Kent Bye and the Voices of VR podcast, which features interviews with pioneering game developers, enthusiasts, and technologists driving the resurgence of virtual reality and emerging technologies. 

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AWE 2018
(VR/AR 4 Good Track)

VWS is excited to partner with Augmented World Expo (AWE) to curate their VR/AR for Good track happening on May 31st, 2018. Join us for a day of exploring how XR is being used to improve communities around the world. Pssst! We included an AWE discount code below! 

Projects in Planning

Take Flight

A project to build a scalable and sustainable models for introducing VR into public school systems.

Learning Living Room

10-20 field laboratories which are living room in homes around the world to explore how families can use VR to strengthen each other while working with other networked families.

Nextant Prize and Medallions

Awards recognizing people who are contributing to the betterment of mankind using the tools and technology of our age.

Nextant Challenge

A challenge with prize for solving a specific problem with VR or AR technology.

International Hackathons

To bring VR technology and applications to underrepresented populations and countries to spur interest and solve problems.