Join the Virtual World Society –  Moving Hearts and Minds to Create a Better World

We invite you to become a founding member of the Virtual World Society during this, our inaugural year. By signing up as a member you have the opportunity to work together in our growing community to transform hype into hope and bring countless hearts and minds together using virtual worlds to heal and help the world.

To become a member fill out the form below and contribute $3.00 a month to maintain your membership.

Your sustaining membership will include the following:

  1. Be forever listed as a Founding Member of the Virtual World Society (Dues will need to be paid for continued benefits).
  2. Participate in the transformative activities of the Society.
  3. Receive the Society Newsletter with special offers:
    1. Apply for mentoring from a VWS Pioneer
    2. Participate in the VWS guest speaker program for your next event.
    3. Special discounts at conference events.
  4. Post a professional VWS profile for you, your project or your product.
  5. Submit requests for master classes
  6. Nominate candidates for the annual Nextant Prize and Honorary Medallion.
  7. Participate in the VWS Challenges to empower individuals to change the world.
  8. Be invited to participate at the first annual VWS Congress.

As a member, you become an active member in transforming people’s lives through the power of Virtual Worlds. We are connecting the hearts and minds of a global community of communities to bring innovation to solve social challenges. With 50 years of development, Virtual Worlds have been a proven and robust answer to diverse problems, enhancing the quality of life.

Be in on the ground floor of the VWS to build the infrastructure of the following initiatives:

Mapping and Curating Virtual Worlds: Much like how the National Geographic mapped uncharted worlds of discovery, the VWS will be mapping and curating the expanse of virtual worlds through member profiles, project showcases, product showrooms, podcasts and 50 years of research and development.

Enriching the Quality of Virtual Worlds: Imagine a PBS of VR where affiliates around the world share programming that raise the bar for the next-generation of talent, technology and content. Through regional and professional VWS Affiliates, we will be producing speaker series, master classes, hackathon sponsorships and social entrepreneur guidance.

Transforming Problems into Opportunities: As the Peace Corps of VR, VWS will weave a global community of communities to address pervasive problems of the world. Apply your talents as an individual towards a larger global effort around the world. The VWS will partner with diverse organizations to find and deliver solutions through innovative virtual worlds (see diagram).


Become a VWS Volunteer:

When you sign up as a member, please mark what role(s) you would like to play:

Advisor: If you are an expert or pioneer in a facet of virtual worlds, we would like to sign you up on our advisory board and action committees.

Ambassador: If you would like to represent the Virtual World Society within a Region or Community of Practice, we would like to gear you up with opportunities to be a community leader of the Virtual World Society.

Affiliate: If you represent an organization or company that would like to become a VWS Affiliate and lead VWS participation and activities in your area of the world or profession, we would like to partner with your company and provide great exposure regionally and globally.

Adventurer: If you are just active and talented at anything and want to be a part of something larger than yourself, send us a note, we have an quest for you.

Advocate: If you write, film, illustrate, research or have any other talent to contribute to our organization, we would like to design a special role for you in our organization to provide you to access of the Virtual Worlds that was never possible before.

Sign Up to Become a Founding Member:

Once you subscribe for $3 / month, you will be taken to another page where you can tell us how you would like to contribute to the Virtual World Society.

If you would prefer to pay the full $36 membership fee at one time, you may do that here:

If you would prefer to subscribe by check, our mailing address is:

Virtual World Society
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You may also choose to donate an amount of your choosing. Donations higher than $3 / month will also include a VWS membership. After donating, you will be taken to another page where you can tell us how you would like to contribute to the Virtual World Society.