We are the Virtual World Society, a grassroots movement bringing together creators and organizations committed to leveraging the power of virtual worlds for social and environmental good.

Our Objectives

1. Serve as a nonprofit entity for promoting humanitarian uses of VR/AR
2. Educate the world on the power of these technologies
3. Provide a repository for the world's knowledge on the impact of VR/AR
4. Develop leaders who encourage the positive use of virtual worlds in their local communities
5. Recognize creators who are solving problems through our Nextant awards
6. Engage in defining the ethics of emerging technologies
7. Explore how VR will actually be used in homes
8. Document the power of virtual worlds to transform lives
9. Sponsor events and projects that fulfill our mission
10. Serve as a touchstone for industry and families

The Meaning Behind our Logo

The VWS logo features an adult and a child. The adult embodies wisdom of the elders and pioneers as gained from life experience, whereas the child represents the enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity of youth. The adult is facing in one direction as if looking to the past, while the child is looking ahead at what's to come.

As XR creators, we believe that it is key to have both experienced pioneers and fresh minds involved in the imagination behind virtual worlds.

VWS works to make sure that students have access to XR hardware and resources to ensure that they are given the opportunity to build their own futures.